Knights Chapter

Knights Chapter No 96

Meet at the Buff Club every 3rd Monday at 8pm

Knight Scribe – Bro Ron Gayer KOM

Officers for 2020

Knights President                Bro Ron Gayer KOM

Knights Vice President           Bro Paul Shortt ROH

I P Knights President              Bro John Cryan KOM

Director of Ceremonies           Bro David Feather ROH

Knights Guard                              Bro Gus Honeybun ROH

Knights Constable                  Bro Andy Ferguson ROH

Knights Registrar                    Bro John Worsfold ROH

Bearer of Peace                       Bro Ged Hallam ROH

Bearer of Jewel                       Bro Tony Lawrence ROH

Knights Troubadour                Bro Richard Simpson ROH

Knights Servitor

Knights Almoner

Knights Secretary                   Bro John Green ROH

Knights Treasurer                    Bro TTW Newport ROH

Trustees Bro John Green ROH & Bro. John Worsfold ROH