Victory Founder Member

Bro Sidney Hutchings ROH

Bro Sidney Hutchings was a founder member of the Victory Lodge 2593 GLE as a Certified Primo when the lodge was inaugurated on 27th June 1919, he sadly died in 1946.

Fast Forward to 2012, his Granddaughters Jean Turner and Muriel Urry would be researching their family history and knowing their Grandfather was a member of the RAOB, did an internet search using his name and the RAOB as search parameters.

A result would take them to the website of the Gosport & District Province where Bro Sidney is named along with a brief history of the Victory Lodge.

Through the website, Jean contacted the City Secretary of the Victory Lodge and after a few email exchanges the cousins, Jean and Muriel paid a visit to meet the members of the lodge on Friday 27th January and to see the lodge room where their Grandfather would have attended all those years ago. They stayed for a short while but went on their way before the lodge opened for its regular meeting.

All agreed that the visit was most enlightening, to the brethren who felt a little bit of history was re-awakening; and for the ladies who had been able to see for themselves their ancestry unfold.

Below are two pictures, the first of Bro Sidney with his wife Alice; the second of Jean and Muriel with the current members of the Victory Lodge.

L-R Standing
Bro Tom Penkethman ROH, Bro David Eves KOM, Jean Turner, Bro David Foster CP, Muriel Urry, Bro John Boynton ROH, Bro Ged Hallam CP.

L-R Kneeling
Bro Andy Ferguson CP, Bro Steve Hartung KOM.